Saturday, December 1, 2007


I can't use these fonts because they are fonts that someone else created. However, I am trying to use them as inspiration for the lettering that I have to do on the back wall. They're paying me in proportion to the amount that I am being paid for the rest of the job, which is good. They offered to pay in product, which is cool, but I need money more than I need more stuff.

(I like the one on the bottom left the best)

My plan for the lettering is simple. It sounds complicated, or at least other people have said it sounds complicated, but it's just a lot of simple steps. Here's another list courtesy of my compulsive list-making need.

  1. Draw the lettering to scale on a sheet of paper. I want the letters to be 18x60", so I have to scale it down to about 18%. That means 3.24" x 10.8".
  2. Go to the copy center and blow up the drawing to poster size - IE: 18x60" (555%)
  3. Tape this poster to contact paper that's at least 18x60"
  4. Cut the design out of the contact paper.
  5. Attach the contact paper to the wall. (This will be complicated because I will have to be on a ladder)
  6. Paint over the contact paper.
  7. When dry, pull the contact paper off of the wall and tada!

I came up with the idea while driving home yesterday from the store. I thought about how annoying it is that I can't find a projector, and how a project would be the right thing for the job. And then I thought about how hard it will be to draw lettering on a white wall, before it's painted, without leaving horrible eraser marks all over the wall. Then I thought about cutting a stencil out of paper, but this would still require painting by hand, and that high up it will be difficult to make a straight line. You can't just paint over a stencil you've taped onto the wall because the paint will seep under the paper and look awful.

Then I thought of a contact paper stencil! It's perfect. It's like when you put painter's tape down to keep paint off of the trim. I know I am not the first person to think of it, but I was excited because I thought of it before I tried using another, more difficult method.

Tomorrow morning, I will be drawing, enlarging and cutting. Tomorrow afternoon, I bring my army of helpers to the store to work on the columns inside the store while I work on the letters in the back. I think by tomorrow the letters will be done and the base coat on all of the columns will be finished. It's possible just the bottom half will be done of every column, but that's all right - I'd still be on schedule. Then I will have four days to finish everything. I could spend one day on each column and then one day finishing up.

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