Monday, December 3, 2007

It's All Coming Together

Today, JewishGuy helped finish the last bits of base coat and I was able to start the first part of the final coloring.


Front of back column

Side of back column

Back of back column

Back of front column

Back of front column again

Painted over the stencil :)

Front of front column - FINALLY


The bottom half of the front of the back column is what I really worked on today. I spent probably an hour and a half on it. I think the back column is going to take 6 hours, total. The other columns won't take as long because there isn't as much space on them to paint.

I kind of went a little crazy on the paint-buying today at the art store. What can I say? I LOVE PAINT. But even with the ridiculous amount I paid for all of the paint (at least $10 a tube, and I can't remember how many tubes I bought but it was over 12), I am running very much under budget. So I'm going to keep the paint, since I'll be teaching painting classes next semester. Maybe this will also encourage me to do more painting in general - maybe I'll have enough for a show!

(This is a lot of hopeful thinking).

Anyway, I am super pleased with the progress. I really feel like the bottom half of the back column looks exactly like the sketch, which is how I want it to look.

Here, let's compare:

Column in real life

Column in sketch



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