Thursday, November 29, 2007

With Baited Breath

Today I am supposed to go and buy supplies in between or after my job interview and my volunteer orientation. It's part of my schedule and I don't like to get behind schedule.

However, I still have no written confirmation of this job and payment. I can't go and buy $500 worth of paint, brushes, and other supplies until I know that I'm going to get paid. I don't need to buy supplies today - it can wait a couple of days, as I may not actually start painting until Saturday. I just like to be prepared in advance so I don't have an emergency day where everything is as important as everything else and I feel like a maniac. I've also just potentially hired another person to help me work, but this person is another artist (she does origami and some serigraph, it's really really awesome), so I am going to probably ask her to come in later in the game to help as opposed to simply helping me lay down some foundation paint. It depends on the amount of work I need help with, because now I have 4 maybe 5 people who want to help, which is good but may be more than I can afford.

Yesterday I made a budget. It looks very clean and happy. I know exactly how much I can spend on the different aspects of this mural (supplies, equipment, assistance) and still make a little money. This job will help me pay for next semester's classes, so I don't have to dip into savings (too much) to take the psych courses that will help me get into graduate school.

So now I sit, still sketching, doing other stuff, and I wait. I refresh my gmail and wait wait wait.

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