Friday, November 30, 2007

The Land of Semi-Creepy Men

Today I went to buy supplies from the big home supply store. It was actually exciting - I really love hardware stores, I especially love tool sections, paint sections and door sections. So today I got to play in the paint section (yay!).

I probably spent 30 minutes just trying to decide on the colors. I am buying latex paint for the base colors, the ones that I'll use the most, because it's much cheaper. A quart is $10, whereas the same amount of acrylic paint is at least $25. I bought Behr colors: Cloudless (medium/light blue), Isle of Capri (medium/dark blue), Grape Green, Primrose Garden (bright pink), Amber Glow (orangey brown), Warm Earth (medium/dark brown), Wooden Cabin (dark brown). I also bought drop cloths - both cloth, and biodegradable paper, lots of brushes, two rollers, tape, and shoe protectors. I just bought these nice shoes and I don't want them covered in paint. I don't care about my jeans.

I think women in home supply stores are targets for semi-creepy to creepy men. I don't know what the scale would be for creepiness, though. For example, I'm standing in front of the Behr section, staring at paint, picking a bunch of samples and comparing them to my drawings. One of the employees of the store came over and started praising my sketches - hard core. It was nice, but he really wouldn't leave, he talked to me for probably ten or fifteen minutes about painting and whatever else. So, if he had just stayed for a minute, that wouldn't have been that creepy. Ten minutes.... It was pushing the scale, I think.

And then, when I was in line, another guy started talking to me about paint. Again, not that creepy, as my cart is full of painting supplies. But then the conversation was over and I was paying, and the guy starts talking to me again. There was a few minute break between when we had concluded our friendly waiting-in-line chat and this new, let-me-talk-to-you-while-you're-doing-something-else chat. So that moved him up a notch on the creepy scale. But also, while he was talking, he would stop and kind of stare at me. So he was definitely creepy to semi-creepy, to the point where I was really wondering if he was going to approach me in the parking lot to try to keep talking to me.

Large home supply stores = the land of semi-creepy men.


Daphna said...

You really should figure out a scale of creepy-ness. That would be very useful. :) You could name a unit after yourself. Everyone dreams of having a unit named after them. Well, maybe not everyone, but I do (lol)

Hannah said...

But you wouldn't want a unit of creepiness named after yourself... what if that got mistaken for a reflection on you?

You really do need some sort of scale, though.

. . .
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