Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bare Minimum

What the space looks like now:

Front of Middle Column (MC) - yes that's a mirror.

Left side, MC

Right side, MC

Front, Back Column (BC)

Left side, BC

Back, BC

Left side, Front Column (FC)

Front, FC

Right side, FC

Back, FC

Back, MC

As you can see, it's going to be a challenge. A lot of me climbing up on high things. Luckily there will be a construction crew there so in case I need something from the floor... - Have I mentioned how I hate getting up and down from bunk beds? I'm not afraid of heights, once I'm up there, I just don't like coming down!

An update: I got another phone call from someone at the store and they may need me to do more work - like some lettering and painting in one of the staff rooms. This means I need to hire subcontractors (ha!) to help me. I've sent out a plea and now have 2 helpers (plus my fantastic boyfriend) for Sunday afternoon to lay down some base colors.

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