Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No Need for a Primer

Well, I talked to some of the construction crew today (I didn't tell the people who hired me I was going by, I hope this isn't a problem) to find out what the deal is with the concrete and my schedule.

--[ By the way, I realized I wasn't clear in previous posts - I am painting the columns in the middle of the store, not an actual wall. I may be painting walls in the staff room. ]--

One great thing I found out today is that the columns are primed and sealed and ready to be painted. Hooray! This means Phase 2, which was originally me rushing around like a maniac on Thursday trying to prime the columns before and between other appointments has now been pared down to simply me buying supplies at home supply stores and art stores and finding a projector if JewishGuy can't get one. This means I have more time today to sketch and make lunch for myself and make phone calls that need to be made.

I did admit to the construction guy that I don't really know anything about painting on concrete, and he said, "Please don't say things like that." I think he was half-joking. But I really don't know. Although... I vaguely remember using concrete in some project I did in college, and perhaps I painted it. I don't remember much of what happened in "3D Fundamentals." I think I created concrete bricks, experimenting with mixing concrete with paint while still wet vs. painting it once it's dry, and then I carved some of the softer bricks into faces and stacked them together.

Now, on to the sketching. Or maybe lunch.

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Daphna said...

Wow, it's all so exciting. Thanks for thinking of me when emailing the link. I can't wait to see the sketches. How did you go about being hired?

. . .
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