Tuesday, November 27, 2007

There is a Plan! (???)

As many people know, probably everyone, I have never painted a mural before.

Okay, that isn't 100% true, I did help some teens paint a small mural this summer. It was fun, and a lot of work. We (7 teenagers and I) got it done in about 3 1/2 days. It was four pieces of masonite, lots and lots of latex paint and plastic drop cloths. It was a simple Spring scene: a field, a tree, some mountains and sky. Ahhh....... :)

This isn't like my current project at all, pretty much.

From the pictures, you can kind of see that I'll be painting directly onto concrete, which is kind of cool but also kind of difficult. And not just directly onto concrete, but very high up, and over shelving and other things that can't get paint on them (besides the floor, which is already protected).

Here's my plan for now, let's see how well it goes:

Just kidding.

Phase 1: Make sketches. Um. So this basically has to be done tomorrow or Thursday. Eep!

Phase 2: Thursday, I have about 3 free hours in the middle of the day. The three hours are between a job interview and an orientation/health screening for volunteering at the hospital. So on Thursday, I am going to go and set up, tape things off, and prime the concrete and also - hopefully - the other two wall spaces they want me to paint if they haven't been primed already. I want as much as possible to be ready for Friday. I have a sneaking suspicion the additional rooms have already been painted, or the one wall where I'm only doing lettering should be [already painted].

SO. In the meanwhile, JewishGuy (also known as JewishGal's boyfriend) is going to try and procure a projector for me from his university. I'm only going to have it for a day at the most, so I'm going to have to work quickly on this next step.

Phase 3: Sketching onto the wall. This requires the projector. I'm not 100% sure how I'm going to get it to project on the highest parts, although maybe that isn't as important. So this phase is fairly obvious - project my sketches onto the wall, trace the sketches, and voila - ready to paint.

Phase 4: Paint. Paint. Paint. Bring in people to help and paint some more!

So that's fairly straightforward. I'm pretty confident that with the help of some volunteers and paid sub-contractors, I should be able to get this done in time without completely going nuts. I know I'm going to go nuts, but maybe I can not go as nutty as possible. Mmmm... nuts.

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