Thursday, November 29, 2007


I got totally frustrated with the sketching part of yesterday. I spent two hours researching images to use, and then another hour or two trying to sketch things that looked okay. I will skip most of the bad things and show you two decent sketches.

They're... all right. But they're out of proportion, because the actual columns are a lot thinner than that, and super super boring. So basically, I have to start over with the sketching. But I have another idea for what the columns can look like while still remaining within the guidelines I've been given.

My original idea for sketches was just to make a bunch of sketches and then either project them onto the wall or just draw on the wall based off of the sketches, but not trying to stick too literally to sketching for the column. And, as the projector seems to be something that is more difficult to get than I thought, I may end up just drawing directly onto the columns.

What I'm thinking now is making very tall, very skinny building, but warping the buildings so they twist and curl around the columns. I kind of feel like this is the only way to deal with such a tall, skinny space and not completely lose my mind. It can also be much simpler, with a lot less of the "painterly" aspect that will take me forever to accomplish evenly throughout the store.

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