Friday, March 18, 2011

Some finished work... (finally?)

I've been making lots of stuff in the studio but I haven't shown anything.  Also I have forgotten to pick it up AND I was having trouble with glazing on the dark brown clay that I love so much.  Here are three of the seven things I brought home with me this week.  One of them is another handle-less coffee mug.

The glazes aren't so exciting because I am working on the form more than the glazing.  I've got a few bowls of varying sizes and one other small cup.  Two tall narrow cups and one tall narrow vase are in the bisque fire this week so I will glaze them next time I go in.  I made a third tall narrow cup this week after much struggling with the clay - I felt like goldilocks in there (this clay is tooooo soft, this clay is tooooo hard).

I'm excited because I'm really starting to build up inventory.  In July I will have lots of small bowls and cups to sell at the conference.  Yay!

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