Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hamentaschen 2011

I made this movie about our hamentaschen this year.  We've been making them every year for a while but this year it was different for some reason.  Anyway, it was still fun, and I made this fun little video about them, so watch!

Ever since that movie "For Your Consideration" came out, Purim has a whole new meaning.  One of my favorite lines from that movie is something like "How could you do that as we all sit together at the Purim table."  I laughed so, so, so hard at that movie, but I wonder how many non-Jews thought it was funny.  Their Purim suedah was the saddest meal on earth.  I'm glad ours aren't like that!!

Purim starts Saturday night and we've got a weekend full of parties planned for us, plus giving out nice little mishloach manot packages.  How fun!  I'm looking forward to it so much I totally forgot that St Patrick's day is tomorrow.

And of course I'll probably wear the same costume I've worn for the last five years.  What can I say?

Happy Purim everyone!


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Another David said...

Pam's making hamentaschen, and I think I might have to as well after what happened last night. She was only going to make chocolate, and then for some random reason decided to make PRUNE. Chocolate, OK. Prune?? And those are the only two flavors?!?!

Of course, you can't buyprune jelly, so she had to make it last night. At which I remarked: "You know how I know nobody likes prune hamentaschen? You can't buy prune jelly."

. . .
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