Sunday, March 27, 2011


I've started my garden already.  It's still in the 40s out so whatever starts growing won't go outside for another few weeks, but I'm supposed to begin sprouting them inside so here we are.
So far I've already got spinach (above) and tomatoes that I can actually see above ground!  Also planted is basil, chives, bell peppers, and oregano.  Dill and cilantro will be sown once the weather warms up because they both want to be outside and don't transplant well.  Other plans for plants include mint and maybe jalapeno peppers - the peppers I am planting from seeds from peppers I got from the grocery store, so I don't know if they will actually grow, but you can sometimes see peppers growing inside other peppers so I assume there is at least the possibility.

I don't have a good track record for these kinds of plants, so that's why I'm growing from seeds this year instead of buying little plants.  The whole set-up so far has cost about $7, so I haven't invested too much money in it

Meanwhile, I've also planted the bulb I bought a couple of weeks ago and it is growing away...  It looks more and more like Edward Scissorhands kind of hand, as the fingers sprout further and further up.  At least it looks less like someone giving me the finger.  I can't wait until it blooms, because I really don't know what it's supposed to look like.  The guy at the plant store said this thing would grow in a cup of water, but since I planted it it really took off - in the cup of water it was growing roots but the tips of the parts that already looked like they were growing started to die.  And I even found a use for the flower pot I made last year in ceramics, yay.

Also, I purchased some wildflower seeds that I'll start tossing around the flower bed in a couple of weeks.  I'll do a little at a time, once a week or every other week, up until June.  Hopefully things will start to grow as other things are sprouting so we can have flowers all summer.

Also!  I think Mable the Maple has started to bud.  Pictures of that later.  Remember how pretty she was last fall?

I'm loving how green and fresh our apartment feels right now.  I planted a couple of spider plant babies I took from work and hung it in the window and they seem to be enjoying their new location.  I made some clippings of my plants I brought from Chicago and I'm letting them root so I can help them fill out (no thanks to the cat who keeps eating the leaves).  And I've got all of these things sprouting, hopefully to turn into one pretty awesome herb garden come May.  Hopefully I won't get stressed and neglect my plants like two years ago...

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