Sunday, March 13, 2011


Today we went on a trip to DUMBO.  We're trying to visit different neighborhoods in New York, starting with brunch at a new restaurant and then walking around the area.  Usually it's because something interesting is going on in the area that we can do/see while we're there.

For brunch (what New Yorkers call brunch starts at 12:30 on Sunday) we went to Dumbo General Store Cafe, which reminded us a lot of one of our favorite restaurants on Houston, Brasil.  The food was tasty and fresh, but the coffee and tea wasn't as nice as the food - it's not unusual, so many of the good restaurants we go to still brew Lipton tea and don't use the nicer coffee beans available in New York.  The only one that had good tea and coffee that we've been to on these outings was tablespoon in Chelsea, still one of my favorites.

Then, after some wandering, we went to the Monster Drawing Rally at the Dumbo Arts Center, a fundraiser to support the center and other galleries in the area.  The admission was a suggested donation of $10 each, and all the drawings made during the rally would sell for $50.  It was interesting... we got there early on so maybe the best was yet to come.  Also it is their first year doing this, so they are still working out the kinks.

We saw wedding pictures being taken, wandered into a "these are random cool things I like so I'm selling them in my store" store, a boutique store for men with amateur pornographic images in the dressing room that you could see from the store, a book shop with a book making studio and performance  space inside, and were nearly blown away by all of the wind!

So. DUMBO, check!  So far we've explored Union Square, Chelsea, Chinatown, and DUMBO, with some quick visits to other neighborhoods, too.  And our quest to eat around the city continues...

(check back for pictures from our trips, they will have their own entries)

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