Thursday, May 6, 2010

My thesis has been submitted!

(Spring in Chicago, so pretty!)

Today was a crazy day. In the end, I submitted my thesis. I ruined the ending, but that's okay.

I finished editing my thesis last night for reals. Then, this morning, I realized the title page was wrong. Okay, I can manage that. I fixed the title page in the PDF, saved it to three different places (email, CD, data stick), and left for school to print and turn it in. Printing happens, not to big of a deal, I have the forms and everything, I'm done done done! Right! I'm so happy.

I go to the office to turn it in. No, they say, we won't accept this without signatures from your readers. But it doesn't say in the manual that you won't accept it without signatures! We won't accept it.

I was really upset. I had to sit down for thirty minutes to compose myself. I reserved only a small number of brain cells for this activity and I didn't have enough brain cells left to manage turning this in next week. It has to be done today.

I went back to my thesis advisor and got her signature. I ran to the train and went up north to my internship site to find my second reader and sat outside her office while she was in a meeting so that I could get her signature. I then raced back down to school and sat outside the classroom waiting for my other second reader to get to class to sign the paper. She signed.

Then I went upstairs armed with two copies of the signatures and forms and thesis and extra envelopes and paperclips in case what I had wasn't good enough. It was. I turned it in.

Okay that doesn't sound so crazy but it sure felt crazy.

Next up, thesis presentation on Tuesday!

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Another David said...

Phew! Rough afternoon, but I'm glad to hear it turned out well. CONGRATULAAATIONS, YOU WIN DEGAAAME

. . .
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