Monday, May 17, 2010

Dream Movie

Sometimes my dreams are actually movies or TV shows and I watch them the way I watch a movie or a TV show. I don't know the name of this movie I was watching in my dream but I wish I could see the end of it.

We see a quick background story of two conspiracies - good guys and bad guys. The bad guys have a bigger, strong conspiracy, and they go around killing people, etc. We see the protagonist fighting the good fight.

Flash to present day (in the movie). The protagonist has amnesia, he doesn't know who he is. (The protagonist is played by Henry Ian Cusick, "Desmond" on LOST). He finds himself in the home of an elderly couple who are taking care of him while he is completely confused. Suddenly he sees a man he knows he should recognize.

FLASH BACK - we see this man killed the protagonist's pregnant wife. This man doesn't know the protagonist, but somehow the protagonist found out this was his wife's murderer. He also seems to know he will soon lose his memory, and he repeats to himself the name of this man over and over. "I must remember this man, George X" (I don't remember the guy's last name). "GEORGE GEORGE GEORGE." Over and over.

FLASH FORWARD - The protagonist goes up to this man, confused, but knows that he knows this man from somewhere. "Do I know you?" he asks.

"Yes, I think so," George responds.

"Who am I, then?" the protagonist challenges, for some reason he feels defensive.

"Harry Gottesmann." (I have no idea where I got this name)

"And who are you?" Harry asks.

"I'm George X."

Harry gets a flash of clarity. He has to kill this man. He doesn't know why, but he knows he has to. He grabs a gun from somewhere and shoots George dead. The elderly couple are screaming. Harry tosses the gun and flees the scene.

Next scene - we see Harry racing around town, now not only trying to figure out who he is but who is George and why did he need to kill him. He goes into stores asking if anyone knows George X, if anyone can tell him anything about him.

That's when I woke up.

Sometimes my dreams are exciting to watch!

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Another David said...

I can hear the 24 clock going beep... boop... beep... boop

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