Thursday, May 13, 2010

Final Ceramics

My final work from my ceramics class! I knew I made my best work right at the end. Almost all of this was made in one sitting (wet) and also one sitting for glazing. I just glazed them quickly because when I try hard to make things look the way I want they often don't. But these look quite nice (and some look professional I think!)

I have more work not pictured here, some mugs I made a while ago, but aren't as nice as these.

This little jug is a "commissioned" piece from JewishGuy who asked for a little pub jug to put water in for his scotch. I made another little jug, which is really cute, but it's SOOOooo small (and I don't have a picture of it right now).

This (above) is a little flowerpot because I accidentally carved through the middle so I embraced it!

I REALLY like the way this last bowl turned out, how the blue is on the bottom, very cool.

Anyway, I left all of these at school because my critique is tomorrow and I'll just use these in the critique.

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