Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tall Narrow Cup Goal: Accomplished!

Well, mostly.

A bit ago I mentioned one of my goals was to make a tall, narrow cup.  Here we have one vase and two tall narrow cups!  The vase is the one that's finished and the cups still need to be trimmed on the bottom.  They are pretty much the shape I wanted them to be and so far have survived in my care - that is, I transferred them to my shelf without dropping them.  Pretty good!

Today I went to the studio for a while because there was a silly miscommunication and I ended up not at work today but not at the other site I was supposed to visit, either.  So, finding myself with nothing to do, I decided to spend at least two hours on my pots.  When I got there I found a lot of things had made it through the last bisque fire, so I was able to glaze five pieces!  Then I trimmed the vase I made last Friday and made the two new cups.  Pretty productive day!

I wouldn't say my goal is completely accomplished, however.  I did manage to make a cup, but I want to make this cup shape consistently.  Then I will try another shape.  But I think I've really started to understand how to make the shape I want, which is largely about feeling the difference between pushing on the outside and pushing on the inside of the clay.  (Push on the inside to go wider, on the outside to go taller)  I don't think I have special talent for working with clay, but I'm proud of the hours I've put into this to get where I am and I'm seeing real progress.  So... yay :)

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