Tuesday, February 15, 2011

love songs playlist

love songs playlist
(for the art room the week of valentine's day... and beyond!)

"somebody to love" - queen

"romeo and juliet" - indigo girls
"i feel the earth move" - carole king
"crazy for you" - adele
"goodnight and go" - imogen heap
"bizarre love triangle" - frente!
"head over feet" - alanis morissette
"i only have eyes for you" - billie holiday
"what i'm trying to say" - stars
"feelin' the same way" - norah jones
"we've got a groovy thing goin' " - simon & garfunkel
"you make loving fun" - fleetwood mac
"crazy for you" - madonna
"love is a good thing" - sheryl crow
"true colors" - ane brun
"i get lost (acoustic)" - eric clapton
"love song" - the cure
"your song" - moulin rouge soundtrack
"by my side" - ben harper 

OK ... there is a CHANCE I overthought this playlist, but here's the story I imagined when I put it together.  

Someone sits around wishing for somebody to love (somebody to love)... he meets his love, but it's complicated (romeo and juliet).  But when they're around, they can't pretend they don't feel anything for each other (i feel the earth move).  And they think about each other all the time (crazy for you), but it's just so complicated, maybe it's not worth it (goodnight and go, bizarre love triangle).  Despite the complication, whatever it is, they fall in love (head over feet) and they can't imagine being with anyone else (i only have eyes for you).  They finally meet and want to tell each other what they're feeling (what i'm trying to say, feelin' the same way).  Their relationship gets off on a rocky start due to whatever was complicating it in the first place (we've got a groovy thing goin') but they work past it (you make loving fun, crazy for you, love is a good thing).  The longer they're together the more they realize they are right for each other (true colors) and are so happy together (i get lost, love song, your song) that they decide to get married (by my side).

Sappy, yes, but it's a love song playlist!

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