Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I will update with some artwork in a bit but first I want to share my new obsession: apps.

Oh, yes, I know, I'm not the first person to become obsessed with apps after getting a new iphone (birthday present from my parents - thank you!).  But my app obsession is pretty single-minded.  I just want strategy and puzzle games.  That's all.  Basically, my iphone is a fancy gameboy.

But I'm struggling a little because I am kind of OCD when it comes to desktop spaces - not in real life, just virtual desktops.  I don't like messy desktops with lots of things you have to search through.  This is something people probably wouldn't guess about me considering what most spaces around me look like (have you seen the piles of paper and art supplies next to my computer?).  But on my iphone I want everything on one screen and neatly organized.  The problem with this is that folders can only hold 12 things in them.  I had to separate my folders into full version games and games I've got "LITE" versions of, aka "trial versions."

These aren't even all of the games I've downloaded.  I have culled a few already, and I've got Plants vs Zombies, Angry Birds, and World of Goo on the ipad (graduation present) so I didn't re-purchase them.  I'm on the look-out for more games, not that I even have time to play all of these games in depth.  I'm enjoying "Zombie Cafe" right now and I've got 3 games going in Words with Friends (aka Scrabble).   Today I downloaded everything you see in the "trial games" folder except StupidZombieLite, which I downloaded yesterday.  I'm excited to try bad air day, where you fart in an elevator and you have to get rid of the smell before people around you die. ...nobody said these were high brow games.

It's bad because instead of reading on the subway I'm playing games.  But I am also playing strategy games instead of mindlessly refreshing facebook and email over and over, so I guess that is an improvement somewhat.

Also my background on my phone is a picture of a butterfly I took in 2002 when I went with some friends to the butterfly garden (I think it was in Philadelphia).

The butterflies were so tame they let you get really really close!

Anyway, that's my iphone games post for now.  Back to regularly scheduled art making...

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