Thursday, November 11, 2010

Little Worlds in Toilet Paper Tubes

These little worlds were made by Anastassia Elias. Wow. It's amazing what you can do when you re-imagine materials! Who would have thought to cut these little scenes out of the inside of toilet paper tubes? I love the way they become like silhouette scenes when the light shines just right.

I also happen to kind of love silhouette art, which I guess is trendy right now, but one of my favorite artists is Kara Walker (and a google image search). I actually went to a talk she gave a couple of years ago in Chicago. Very cool and inspiring! It's amazing how evocative a simple black and white silhouette can be.

(Found Anastassia Elias from the Renegade Handmade blog)

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paper tubes said...

Brilliant. One of the very best I have read. Well written, with style and intelligence. I have spent hours looking for erotica like this. Resorting to writing it myself.
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