Monday, October 4, 2010

Found Object Art Month

The other art therapy intern and I came up with something totally exciting and awesome to do at our site: FOUND OBJECT ART MONTH!!!

For the month of November, we will bring found objects (aka junk/trash) to groups and encourage art making out of these lowly materials. We are using the month of October to prep by getting people excited through advertising, asking staff members to bring in (clean) junk, and one day this month we (art therapy dept) are going to take a field trip to get some unusual junk to contribute to the pile.

Also, we're going to come up with some more structured art directives using trash and invite non-art therapists to give them a try in their groups as a way of exposing more people to art making.

The end result will be a premier event at the site and then, down the line, a gallery show somewhere not on the floor. It might be somewhere else in the building, or it might be at another facility (we're working on it). Also we are hoping to do some research about art with found objects and maybe write about it for the American Art Therapy Association.

In honor of FOUND OBJECT ART MONTH, I will be posting every day in November pictures of amazing junk/recycled/found object art!

Today we began distributing the fliers, and since I love them so much I am posting them here. The photos aren't credited in these images but they will show up again in future blog posts and will be properly credited. I found the images through google-searching so please forgive me this faux pas.

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