Thursday, October 28, 2010

First bowl this semester

Soooo... things at my new studio are moving through the kiln a little slowly right now, which is okay. It is testing my ability to reframe things, but I am learning and staying positive, so it's okay. Really.

I made this bowl back in September and it just came out of the kiln on Tuesday. I heart it. My craftsmanship has really improved, I think.

It doesn't hurt that I am much more inspired by the glazes they have at this studio than last studio. What fun colors! This bowl has kind of a retro feel to it, with the yellow inside and the green and brown outside.

Also, the clay is really interesting. This clay is called "brown speckle" (at least that's what they call it in the studio). When it's wet it just looks like normal clay, but look at all the cool brown speckles!


Inside: "Ada's Ash" and splattered with "Warren's Green"
Rim: "Warren's Green"
Outside: "Nutmeg"

I have six bowls in the bisque fire right now (well, maybe they are unloaded now) but they won't make it into the glaze kiln in time for the AATA Conference, which means I won't be selling ceramics this year there. However, I am going to be in a student show in December, and I hope to build up inventory over the winter so I have things to sell at summer markets (and next year's AATA Conference in July).

Also, for people who have 3D things and want to take pictures of them but don't have a light box, I will tell you how I took this picture. I had four sheets of computer paper and propped them up on a chair outside. You can barely seen the line where the paper overlaps. I think it's good in a pinch... But maybe soon it will be time to invest in a small light box (or make my own).


Kim said...

Ooh. I really, really like the bowl -- shape and color.

Also, your note about the light box made me realize I have no idea where mine is. Mark made it (there are tons of tutorials on the internet), though I rarely use it!

Rachel R. said...

I used one of the bowls that I snagged from your giveaway table at your goodbye party when I had a few friends over a few nights ago, and it got several compliments. The legacy of your artistry has made it to East Tennessee! :)

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