Sunday, October 17, 2010


I promised to lead a bead workshop at work so I had better get practicing! I haven't made those sculpey beads in a long time, so today I experimented. I made lots and lots of beads, and even a pair of earrings.

They're all right, not amazing. I used leftover sculpey from the art room that was going to be thrown out, so I was limited on colors, but that doesn't really excuse the lack of design. I'll keep working on it.

However, I'm not sure how this bead workshop thing is going to work out. I think I will postpone it for after Found Object Art Month. It took three hours to make all of the beads, bake them, and string them. Granted, I made a lot of beads, but still, it will be more than a 45min project.

The reason I've decided to do a bead making workshop is because a lot of people make bracelets and necklaces but I wonder if they could invest more in their jewelry making. Some people have pioneered making beads or clay rings on their own, but when I mentioned the possibility of teaching people how to make their own custom matching beads people were excited about it. Maybe that's a December project, which could be made into gifts to give for Christmas (or "winter holiday season" gifts).

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