Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ode to the cats

This little kitten has been with us for almost a week now.  She is crazy.  Also, she is driving Lilly crazy.  But also, she is very cute.

She is obsessed with food, she follows me around the house (often under my feet), she gets into everything, and she chews on things.  Did we take home a puppy by accident?

They said she was 3 months old when we got her, but she is only 2lb - or she was last week.  I believe she's gained weight since then.  Last week when she was lying down you could see her ribs through her skin on the part of her belly that was shaved for her spay.  This week you can't see the ribs.

It's really hard to take pictures of her.  She is a gray tabby with tuxedo markings.  And she has a bright pink nose.  And a HUGE head.  Which I guess makes up for Lilly's tiny head.

For comparison's sake, look at how perfect Lilly is at modeling.  She is amazing.  She should be on America's Next Top Cat Model.  If Tyra saw her, she'd say that Lilly really understands how to use subtle changes in her pose to accentuate different parts of her face and convey different moods through the photograph.

Two assistants?  We'll see if Lucy is as good at the job as Lilly, or if she is more of a Professor Chaos type.

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Liora said...

She is a beautiful little kitty! She looks like a little imp. :) I have a 15-year-old black-and-white tuxedo cat.

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