Sunday, June 19, 2011


I am so frustrated that my camera was stolen.  I am angry and sad and frustrated.  So angry.  I'm just going to say that over and over until I figure out how to cope with it.

My camera was so important to me.  So important that it is the only thing I keep on me at all times besides my phone and my keys.  The camera on my phone takes pictures and sometimes they are all right, but they aren't nearly the quality that I want.  They look better as fake polaroids than they do as regular images, I think.  At least then you expect lower quality images.

UGH. I'm so angry and frustrated and disappointed.

Today we went to buy a new camera but it was such a frustrating experience.  Not only because being in the store was overwhelming and frustrating, but also - I don't really want a new camera.  I wasn't in the market for a new camera before mine was stole and I don't want a new one now.  I want my old camera.  I don't want to spend money replacing something.  If I'm going to spend money I want an upgrade, I want a digital SLR, I don't want to re-purchase a perfectly functioning digital camera that suited all of my point-and-shoot and some of my better quality needs.  I wanted my next camera to be an upgrade to something that took really substantial, nice photos, not another point and shoot.  But I still need a point and shoot to carry with me for the random pictures I like to take.

It makes me SO sad.

And it was stolen from where I volunteer; I don't get paid to be there, so that adds another blow.

I know, it's a thing, it's not a person or a pet or something truly important, and it can be replaced.  But I am having a temper tantrum over here over having to replace it.  A lot of "I want I want I want" like a child.  I can't control this situation any more than I can control my job situation.  I just have to deal with it.

Expect lots of fake polaroids to come until I figure out what I really want to do next.

PS the picture above is from the garden.  I hung some paintings around the fence and they are slowly being overgrown by the ivy that has come over the fence.  Pretty :)

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