Monday, June 13, 2011

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My camera was stolen and there's a good chance I won't get it back or be reimbursed.  It's pretty sad.  My phone camera just doesn't take the kind of pictures I want, I have no control over the adjustments to light or focus, etc etc.

As a result I have been using my garden as a coping tool.  Today I decided to share some pictures of progress in the garden.

I love that all of the herbs are really taking off (except the cilantro for some reason).  But I think what I'm most happy about is the flower bed feeling alive with wildflowers.  Last summer the flowerbed was completely dead, not even weeds grew in it.  The last tenants threw trash and cigarettes into it.  I tried planting in it last year but it was July when we moved in, August when I was planting, and that is the worst time to plant.  Plus there was also cat poo and stuff in it, so I didn't want to really touch any of the soil.  This year I sprinkled wildflower seeds every week for a few weeks, not knowing what to expect.  Only a few little white flowers have blossomed, but everything is so green and alive.

The whole garden patio is full of life, it is so different from last year to look out there.

PS Sorry for the low quality photos.  Sad sad sad.

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