Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Featured Blogs: Honey Rock Dawn

I'm going to start a new series where I highlight some of the blogs that I'm currently following. It's a LOT of blogs, just so you are forewarned, and at least 30 of them are either art, craft, or design related.

Today's blog is


You might better know her from her more famous Daily Coyote blog, where she posts pictures and stories of her life with Charlie, a coyote she rescued from certain death as a pup. But I actually like her Honey Rock Dawn blog more.

On her blog she posts pictures and stories of her life in Wyoming, her love for her cattle and other animals, and her amazement at nature. She sometimes gives photography tips for taking pictures of things like insects and landscapes. Mostly she just muses about life and beauty. I look forward to her posts (she posts often but not every day since she is very busy). When I was going through a rough time at school last semester, I imagined being on her ranch with her big lovable bull, Sir Baby, and the bossy goose Ricardo.

As to how this is art, craft, or design related - well, just look at the blog and you'll understand. She is an excellent photographer who really captures the essence of her subject, even if he weighs a ton and chews his cud.

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