Monday, July 13, 2009


This is my one sprout. I haven't given her a name yet. She is beautiful. I will keep taking pictures as she grows and as others pop out. I plucked her from the jar where she was sprouting and planted her in a starter pot to see if she survives the shock, and if she does I will plant her in a real pot.

This is another sprout I planted that I let pop up a little because she is also about to come out with some leaves:

Hello in there!

And this is what one of the sprouts looked like when I took him out of the jar, he was attached to his blankie so I let him have it in his pot. The roots are so beautiful.

For the record, these beans were from a dry cholent mix. I put them in a jar with a wet paper towel and set them in the sun with the other plants last Thursday night and now I have sprouts!
. . .
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