Thursday, July 31, 2008

You thought it was bad!

Remember how I wrote about that awful experience I had interviewing at the grad school in New York?  And how I didn't get in anyway?

WELL.  Someone one-upped me!

One of the people in my program also interviewed at that school, and also went to New York specifically for that interview because they refused to do it over the phone.

But get this, she is from Korea.  She flew all the way to New York for the interview (paid $1200 for a plane ticket!) and the woman didn't even show up to interview her!  She sat there alone for a while before going off in search of someone, and finally some grad student - who had never heard of her or seen her portfolio or application - "interviewed" her without apologizing for the lack of welcome!

I don't know if she got in or not, but she said that after that experience she was pretty determined to not go to that school even if she did get in.

Who do they think they are, anyway?

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Daphna said...

Wow. I hope she got in, cause she must have really wanted to go if she flew all the way there.

When my mom was applying for grad school they wanted her to come for an interview too (from the US to Israel). She said no, but they took her anyway :)

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