Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Finished pieces: Dishes

This next category is called "dishes" but it stands for bowls, plates, things to serve food in, etc.

This is a sort of set of dishes that I made.  They weren't made as a set until I glazed them this way, but I think they came out nicely.  The plate is kind of a stupid plate, it would have been nice but it fell down so now it's more like a hummus plate or a vegetable serving plate.

This was going to be a vase but then the top crumpled.  Instead of folding up the clay and using it again another time, I decided to keep it, and this is what came out.  This was the second instance where I used a Shino glaze and then put another glaze over it (the blue on the crumply section), hoping for weird bubbly reactions, and getting nothing.  It still looks cool, I think.

This is a set of pitchers I made, trying out different glazes to show off the texture.  Obviously the one on the right doesn't show any texture, which sucks because I had made this cool fan design on it.  Oh well.  I love the way the blue one looks.

I made the scratches in this bowl with a weird wire tool pressed against it while I spun it on the wheel.  I don't remember what I did to make the white stripes inside the bowl, I think it was a different Shino glaze (like two different Shino glazes on the bowl).

I'm not overly happy with any of these things, but most of it was made on the wheel and since I am just learning the wheel I guess they are somewhat successful. :)

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Daphna said...

I think they are nice, especially the last one.

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