Sunday, May 11, 2008

Class updates!

Two things:

#1: I registered for my summer Intro to Art Therapy class, finally!

#2: I got into my top choice class, Painting/Drawing: Art & Spirituality!

I am ridiculously, stupidly excited for class next year.  Look at my schedule and tell me how awesome it is...

9am - noon: History and Theory of Art Therapy
This course introduces the art therapy student to the field's historical and theoretical aspects. The semester begins with investigations of historical events (e.g., 'outsider art', art education, the history of mental health care) that laid the groundwork for what would develop into the field of art therapy. Topics presented include early pioneers of the field and contemporary theorists who use art in psychotherapy and counseling.
1pm - 4pm: Counseling Techniques
This course addresses the integration of verbal and nonverbal counseling methods within the practice of art therapy. Empathic listening, assessment skills, and treatment planning are emphasized, along with ethical standards and cultural competence.

9am - 4pm: Painting/Drawing: Art & Spirituality
This is a studio course with accompanying lectures working from a basis in the sacred, spiritual, and visionary traditions of art making. Its purpose is to assist and facilitate the students' encounters and explorations of these forms, whether representational or abstract, and to discuss the work created. This course consists of studio work, lectures, visiting artists, students' readings, visual research, journal work, and a final presentation.

9am - noon: Psychopathology
This course presents the central concepts of contemporary mental health diagnosis (DSM-IV). Emphasis is placed on etiology, terminology, and symptom profiles. This material provides art therapy students with a conceptual foundation shared by a variety of medical and mental health practitioners.
1pm - 4pm: Materials & Media in Art Therapy
This course is an examination of the qualities and properties of art materials, media, and processes, and their applications in the context of art therapy. Socially constructed understandings of the significance of materials and media, as well as the relevance of contemporary art practices to art therapy, are investigated through lecture, discussion, and experiential formats.

Every single class sounds interesting to me. :)

I remember looking at some grad programs before I decided on art therapy and there was always at least once class every semester that I didn't want to take.  JUST another confirmation that this is the right place for me.

The only problem I see here is that the Friday class ends kind of late, as there might be conflicts with Shabbat later on in the year.  When it starts getting dark at around 5pm I'm going to want to be home by 4!  I don't think this will be a big problem, though, I'm sure I could leave early if I had to.

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Daphna said...

That seems like a really nice schedule. A hell of a lot more fun than mine :)

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