Friday, April 4, 2008

Marked Improvement

This afternoon in the studio was so successful I took pictures of what I made!

Day #2 at the wheel:

Look!  They have a real shape!  (The ridges are from my fingers)

I had some very helpful advice from other students that were there today doing their own work.  My teacher kept telling me to guide the clay, but today they told me to push it.  I know how to push things!  It was helpful thinking about pushing it rather than guiding it, because the clay really does seem to need to be pushed into place rather than simply told where to go.

These things aren't really useful but at least I made something.  I'm going to go back in on Sunday and Monday, I hope, since I really only have 2 weeks of working with wet clay left.

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Anonymous said...

i wanna THROW!


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