Monday, April 28, 2008

DONE (phew)

Today I had to go to the studio to finish all of my projects because unfortunately I will be rushing up to New York tomorrow.  I spent three (?) hours in the studio and I glazed 15 things.

Here's a shot of the shelf space I took up once I was done:

The front row are some of my favorites.  The left is a bowl I made in a mold, but it was off balance so it lies on its side.  At first I was disappointed but I glazed it in a way that will make it look cool (at least I think so).  It's got some fun jaggedy edges.  The middle is a fun, foldy balance vase that I have a close-up of below.  The right is my nose vase.  The front center is one of my lopsided bowls that I glazed and brushed some iron oxide on with a almost-completely-dead-this-is-the-only-use-it-has-left brush.

You can see I filled up half of two shelves - I have a lot more stuff behind the big things in the front (they had to be there because they were too tall for most shelves).

And here is a close-up of the foldy vase before I glazed it:

I made my best stuff in the last couple of weeks, when I was going in to crank out a bunch of new stuff right near the end of the semester (kind of like everyone else).

I'm glad that it's done.  I didn't really feel like glazing today but I'm glad that I don't have to do it another day.

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Anonymous said...

boo! we havent hung out in a loong time.

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