Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Planning the next steps

I am not a huge sketcher, usually I don't do things with sketches.  But this piece has been making me sketch.  Mostly because I don't really trust myself to keep the visual thought I had for long enough to actually achieve it, considering how long it takes me to get anywhere with it.

So what I'm thinking is using the purple/brown/gray thread to surround the brown square, and then stretch it onto the frame... then crochet yellow into it, coming out of the arch.  I don't know if I will use this actual frame or if I will build a new one with the same dimensions.  This frame already has a lot of hooks in it that I made, and I'm not sure I need that much for this piece, so I might save it for a future thing with more layers.

It's gotten cold outside, and now my fingers are cold inside.  Cold fingers!  Not good for crochet!  Need more hot tea!!

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Anonymous said...

I saw a comment you left on Susie Mondays website back in 2009 that said: "I cannot find anything on the internet about how a Pro MX thickened dye (thickened with sodium alginate+urea water so that it will print through a screen) " - There is a TON of stuff now, but the best is:

if you are still interested - Kerr Grebowski has an awesome (2) DVD set sold at Dharma Trading: http://www.dharmatrading.com/books/deconstructed-screen-printing-dvd.html
Good luck. Love your site.
Johanna in WI wisfritz4@yahoo.com

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