Monday, October 27, 2014


I bought this yarn and I love it.  It's rainbow dyed but I only used the red/orange/yellow part today, and this happened.

I wasn't intending to make an arch, when I set out I was going to make a square, thinking I might make some square pieces to use for my next thing... then I miscalculated, and my straight line started to arch, and I went with it.  I'm not sure if it will be at this orientation or if it will rotate a little when it's time to use it.

I also have some great purple earth tone yarn I was thinking of using, but wasn't sure what to do with it, and really wanted to get my hands in this yarn with some yellow.

I started some small frames and even some very small circle frames.  I have been applying to shows and they all want work under 24" or 36", so I thought maybe I'd do some small things.  But I actually really like working large with crochet, it seems easy for things to get really big really quickly.

Also today I tried out using a bowl to hold the yarn instead of letting it flop around.  I know yarn bowls are a thing, but I've never tried one.  I used a regular bowl that I made last time I tried ceramics.  It was lovely.

Today I started out at the dining room table doing online shopping for various things we need (stickers, child size sunglasses, bathroom non-slip step stool).  It was taking a while and I was watching my time tick away.  And finally I stepped from the dining room table into my "studio," just 3 feet away, but I was able to focus and get some more work done.  I've been leaving my space set up, with frames and yarn out (though the yarn is in a plastic bag, cats), and it has been nice to have that space out and ready for me at a moment's notice.  Though I can only work when the kids are asleep, I still get easily side-tracked, and seeing things lying out there has been really nice.

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