Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Print of a scribble

Today I made a print! A real old-fashioned linoleum cut print like I used to do in undergrad and the years before grad school.

This print is inspired by this scribble:

I was going to do a reduction print to get more colors, but who am I kidding. I was never a very precise printer and I'm out of practice with hand printing so there's a good chance I'll mess up a majority of the prints and only get one good one.

I wish more of the "messy" surrounding space had shown up. I'll have to make sure to ink it more thoroughly next time. I call it messy because usually one would want to get rid of all of that junk and make it look nice and clean. But I actually like the way it looks, almost like it was cut from wood and not linoleum.

I also have a screen print version of one of my larger scribbles in the works but I'm not as big a fan of screen printing as I am of linoleum cut printing. The process of creating the screen is not as fun or interesting as creating a block for me. But that one I am planning on doing with many colors (I think I have 4 colors), so maybe I will tackle that tomorrow and Thursday.

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