Sunday, April 25, 2010

Job Application

Today I wrote my first letter for a job posting that was for "psychotherapist" when I think they really meant "art therapist" (but didn't know it). I told them all about how art therapy fits perfectly into their treatment model and why I'm so awesome they should hire me. It was so good and still kind of scary.

I've been updating my resume basically every week as I remember things that I never included. Volunteer experience, certifications, exhibitions, all these things that weren't on my resume before. My dept chair says a 2 page resume is okay for therapists, especially art therapists, since there aren't as many people applying (as in the business world for corporate jobs). The work experience, education, and licensure are on the first page, so that will get the most attention, and then the other stuff is on the second page, the icing on the cake I guess.

Applying for jobs fo realz is scary because I remember what it was like last time. There was a lot of stress and crying and whatamIgoingtodoifIneverfindajob. And then I took jobs that were less than ideal because I was afraid this was the best I could get. So far I've just been dropping generic cover letters and resumes at things that look interesting, but not really investing in any application. So this is the first real application I've invested in, one that I will follow up with in a few weeks with a phone call, marking the beginning of my earnest job search. I have my charts and files set up so I can keep track of who I've applied to, when I applied, when/if they've contacted me, is that job still open, etc. I'm ready to go. Eeeeee!

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Another David said...

Good luck! I'm glad that I have a while before I have to go through it all over again

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