Friday, November 6, 2009

Almost Shabbat

My last post was when I started to get angry instead of feeling sad. And then I sought out support from people. And then I did a little art assignment where I had myself draw a bridge and describe what it looked like, what supported it, and what the scenery around it looked like.

Then I headed into my internship and it was amazing. I had a really good day. I felt really positive and like things were actually working. I had my site visit and the group went really well.

Then of course I came down with the flu and haven't left the house since Tuesday evening. bleh.

The bridge exercise was really useful to me, especially in conjunction with asking for support from a wider network of people than I had previously accessed. Usually when art therapists make a bridge (at least from what I've read about), they concentrate on what the bridge is going over, or where it's going to/from. But for me, since I was struggling with feeling supported in certain areas of my life - specifically my fieldwork - I needed to make a supported structure and then focus on that structure.

I feel like the intensity of that last post had to be followed up. I am feeling less angry and more in control, despite being now an entire week behind on my school work from the flu.

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