Thursday, December 11, 2008

Professional Progress Reviews: Resolution

I didn't write about what happened at the progress review.

Actually, it went really well.  Talking about it beforehand made me realize that what I was most worried about was Judaism coming up in the review like it did in the initial advising session I had back in the beginning of September.  I met with my advisor like everyone else but also to talk about the absences I was going to have because of Jewish holidays.  I think the meeting did not go very well and I left feeling like I had to prove myself and defend my religious observances.

So... I was nervous that was going to happen again.  But instead, they said that the way I dealt with my absences was admirable and professional and it ended up being really great.  What a relief.  I almost cried, I was so nervous and to hear them be so nice almost made me cry.  They said a lot of nice things about me and said I was doing a great job and doing well in the program and to keep it up, basically.


Also, my psychopathology teacher mentioned how we have a common love for The Simpsons, Seinfeld, and classic SciFi.  AHHH.  We are going to be best friends.  (Our class is basically his fan club, he is leaving the school this year to go with his wife and start a new medical school so we bought him a bottle of scotch and decorated the box and the bottle and gave him a ton of cards)

So... I'm glad that's over with.  Now that the progress review is done, I'm finding it hard to really get nervous about anything else.  I used up all of my stress on it.  I have the psychopathology final, the gallery opening (and closing) for my materials and media class, and my final critique in my studio class, and I'm just like, whatever!

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