Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Job!

Hooray! I got a job!  It is very part time, only one day a week for 8 hrs (and maybe some additional time), but I got a job!

I will be working at a little studio that makes fun ceramic and letterpress things :)  Here is an example:

YES!  That is the necklace I am wearing!  Because the artist is awesome and gave one to me so I would wear it and be free advertising.  And everyone knows I love robots, so of course I picked one of the robot necklaces (she has many robots! she also loves robots!).  She is really nice and everyone there seems great.  She bought us vegetarian Thai spring rolls today to snack on. (haha)

The quality of the photo is bad because I took the picture using Photo Booth on my mac, and it's not so bright in here, etc etc.  I was lazy to get the camera and figure out how to take a picture of my necklace without taking it off.

I might not be doing too much of the arty side of things, I'm not really sure yet.  It sounds like I will be working on projects, like making the company greener, and talking to vendors about things like screen printing and whatever.

So yay, that is exciting.  Maybe it will inspire me to do more of my own art.  But I guess I will be starting my painting class in a couple of weeks and you will have updates from that, too.

1 comment:

Hillel Lady said...

OMG buy me one and i will pay you back. do you know how bad i want a robot necklace? so bad.

. . .
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