Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Finished Work (yippee!)

Here is the completed work, my challenge to myself!  It is about 3 hours of work done over two days (two naps' and one evening's worth) and is the size of a standard picture frame.  I didn't do anything fancy besides the painting and the crochet, no other materials were stuck in there, which is what I am planning to do for my large piece.

Some extreme close-ups:

I wanted to make it seem like it has many levels, and a literal foreground and background.  I tried to pull and push the crochet parts into the front and back of the image by tying them to different parts of each other...  Does this even make sense, the way I'm describing it?

Basically, I was experimenting.  I feel like I could have gone further.  I would add more layers, more collage pieces.  I might add embroidery pieces, plastic pieces, or something else that can be embedded into the crochet web.  But I think this was a good experiment.

I took one picture of it in front of the window with the beautiful red tree behind it, and I kind of love the way it looks.  Almost like it is meant to be in front of a window, using the scenery behind it as part of the work.  Maybe I can use that when designing the imagery (like if this is a piece that's meant to go in front of a window with a tree behind it, or buildings behind it, or whatever).

All in all, glad I challenged myself to finish something.  I didn't make it in one day but I made it in two, which is pretty good!  I feel accomplished.  Tada!

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