Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Making Deadlines

When my time at my organization ended, I was really concerned about what I would do without somewhere to go every day.  I am very productive at work, but sometimes it's hard to be productive for my own projects.  I'm still in the early part of adjusting to being on my own most of the day most of the week, and with the holidays this month I haven't really been faced with a full week alone yet.  But to make sure I keep myself busy and working, I made a "menu" of things I could be doing. 

But that's not really enough, I think, because part of what makes me so productive at work is the deadlines.  So I am going to try to focus on my artist identity a lot during this time of complete "employment rest" and sign up for some shows.  I've got three shows with upcoming deadlines in my sights, one of which is coming up in only a few weeks but I am so excited and inspired by the project constraints.

AND, once the holidays have ended and I get to have full weeks again, I want to begin a regular schedule at the pottery studio again.  I was able to sell my work at the craft fair last summer and I really think that I have some good ideas that I want to see to fruition.

Everything is exciting and I only hope that I keep myself motivated.  I think this will be a major test in finishing what I start and finding internal motivation.  I also plan to use my blog as a way to keep myself motivated, with way more frequent posts and project updates.  We'll see, we'll see what 5772 will bring!

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