Friday, July 15, 2011

Spending thyme with a new camera (heh heh)

Oh it feels so nice to take pictures with a camera again (and not my phone).

I love that I can set the image aspect ratio on this camera because I find myself taking better pictures with a 3:2 (as opposed to the usual 4:3 or the HD 16:9).  I can also take square pictures, another ratio that I like better than 4:3.  4:3 is just always missing a piece, or has too much, it's never the right size and I always want to crop it after the fact.  This photo above is completely unedited, this is what it looked like on the camera when I took the picture.

Our garden is going well, by the way!  (Image above is our thyme basking in the sun)  Despite the complete lack of rain and some pretty hot temperatures, things are growing.  My tomato plant is hurting for water even though I feel like I overwater it every day, so the bottom leaves are wilty a little, but we have some tomatoes growing!

I'm waiting for the day they are ripe, I will make some home-made mozzarella cheese, harvest some tomatoes and basil and have a completely home-grown salad.  If only we had a cow or a goat for me to raise, then I could have raised the milk to make the cheese, too (hahaha...).

I'm hoping for some great fruit and veg images from the farmer's market today, and also some delicious produce.

I missed having a camera :) :)  A big thank you to my husband's parents who are partially sponsoring this replacement camera!

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