Sunday, December 27, 2009

Perfect Egg

Today I made an egg, sunny side up, on a piece of challah toast.

You can kind of see a fish-eye reflection of me and the camera in the egg yolk!

Perfectly runny center with a deliciously fluffy white.

It's taken me a long time to finally get this egg. I've overcooked it so many times it's sad. I probably will continue to overcook my eggs. But for now I am enjoying how pretty and beautiful it was, and how tasty it was.

(This is why I take pictures of my food!)

The challah toast is from a challah that JewishGuy made this week... an art he has perfected over the last few years :)


Kim said...

I think that is the most perfectly round sunny side egg I've ever seen! I have never come close to this kind of perfection. I love eggs :)

Daphna said...

That does look perfect, and yummy. Mine are always too cooked to be perfect, or I break the yolk.

. . .
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