Monday, May 11, 2009


Maybe it's lame but I titled this piece "חיים" which means "life" in Hebrew. I gave it that title because I was thinking about how the word chayim is plural, and there is no singular form of that word, and what the implications are. Our lives are made up of many different parts, different "lives," which we all have to integrate into our one life, our one word.

I made this piece after thinking a lot and before writing a paper on this topic. I interviewed artist Tobi Kahn before writing to hear what he had to say. I wish I could transcribe the interview and post it, but the recording program I used to capture our conversation through skype made this horrible static on the recording and I can't really hear it very well. I was able to sit through it to get most of what he was saying, but not enough for a word-for-word translation.

Anyway, that's my art post for now!

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