Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shirobi & My new class

Shirobi saved my new class. Saved it!

I am taking a winter class. I wouldn't do this, I would rather keep traveling and visiting and playing mariokart and watching movies and hanging out with JewishGuy. BUT. I want to have my Fridays free next semester, I want to not have as much work to do next semester, because I AM GETTING MARRIED! :D So... I am taking a winter class.

My winter class is Print on Fiber and Alternative Media. It sounds really awesome. I think it will be really awesome.


#1, my train sat on the tracks for 20 minutes and I was late to class. Just in time to hear them say, "If you are late, it is an absence, and 3 absences is a no-credit." (I assume this doesn't count for the first day???)

#2, right after that, they went over the rules! Of course, no lateness, which is a drag for a class that is 9-5, Mon-Fri, where much of the time is independent work time. BUT ALSO ... no cell phones (if they are found, they are confiscated) and no ipods, because they are annoying and isolate people. What! How old are we? I was upset about that. This afternoon when we were working independently, it was silent in the room except for the sound of cutting and tearing and occasional dropping things. But that's later.

#3, our first project would be to create color swatches of every dye in the room. AUGHH!! At first I thought that meant all of us would have to do it on our own, luckily we would all do one color and then share.

Then we began our first dye. 10mL of this, 2 tsp of that, follow directions and then, the end! I was sad. I was thinking that this was how the class would be, just following directions to come to a shared conclusion.

I was very unhappy at lunch. I didn't want to take this winter class anymore. It is going to be very intense and a lot of work and I don't want to be stuck in this recipe-filling class! It's expensive, too, did I mention that?

I came back from lunch determined to participate in the afternoon section and be positive and really give it a chance.

Then we started learning about Shirobi and we will be dyeing our Shirobi creations tomorrow.

Shirobi is tie-dyeing!


Pictures of my Shirobi experiments to come tomorrow maybe.

So I think I really will stay in the class, it does make next semester a lot easier, plus I will have some interesting fabrics at the end. If nothing else I will do huge tie-dyes and screenprint onto them. Ha!

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